I have invented the Snore Stopper Chin Pillow after studying most snoring positions. Based on 1000’s of “Quietly Satisfied Customers”, I have what I feel is the only Ergonomically Designed Anti-Snoring device that works in respect of the first principle of CPR EMERGENCY TREATMENT: "KEEP THE AIRWAYS OPEN!"

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In most cases, snoring starts when your chin is forced down to your chest caused by the pillow under your head in bed, causing the airways in your throat to close off. This creates a noise in the back of your throat and sinus areas which is what we call snoring. My chin pillow stays in place to prevent your chin from dropping to your chest while sleeping.

The Snore Stopper Chin Pillow weighs only 25 grams (1 ounce). You don’t even know you’re wearing it while you sleep. It is extremely soft, made of a high quality cotton material and filled with a very fine sand- sized foam bead filling. It is entirely hand assembled and it is hand washable. It is attached instantly with the Velcro strap at the back, which allows you to adjust it to the size of your neck. One size fits all necks.

During product trials I found that it completely stopped the snoring of 8 out of 10 of all categories of snorers. The comments I got were very positive and encouraging from all the participants. All enjoyed the sensation of a soft pillow under their chin while they slept! It takes a few nights to get used to having a pillow under your chin but it then becomes part of your sleeping attire. You can’t be embarrassed by wearing it if the lights are out!

I have designed it with a very comfortable contour for men or women to wear while sleeping. You can also take it with you while traveling for a more romantic holiday!

It is very inexpensive compared to the nearest anti-snoring device on the market, a mouth guard type plastic device which costs $500 while Snore Stopper Chin Pillow costs $39 USD (Includes Freight and Handling).

The Snore Stopper Chin Pillow has been patented (Patent No.2003900661) to protect my intellectual property throughout the world. I am in the process of looking for reps in all the states of the United States as well as looking to sell Snore Stopper Chin Pillow overseas.

Thank You for your interest in our new product. To purchase the Snore Stopper Chin Pillow just click on the Purchase button on the menu. Thank you.

Patent No. 2003900661

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